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“If I had my life to live over again, I’d be a plumber.”

– Albert Einstein

About Us

Nature Calls Plumbing was founded in 2021 with the aim to promote quality, affordable plumbing solutions to the public and to expand into providing green energy plumbing solutions to the community, whilst creating work opportunities

for the unemployed.

The founder of the company, Marco Olori, has accumulated knowledge in the industrial, civil, construction, commercial and residential plumbing sectors and has a decade's experience in the industry. He will also be gaining his Master Plumber title within the following year, which will rank him with the top qualified and registered plumbers in the country.

Marco Olori

Director / Founder

Qualified, Registered &

Licenced Plumber



Gilbert Rapitsi

Plumbing Assistant

10+Year's Plumbing


As an industry expert, we know that the ​maintenance and repairs of your plumbing ​system is not an activity everyone is looking ​forward to.

We aim to assist anyone who wishes to have a ​trustworthy plumbing expert on their side, at ​very competitive prices.

Our team offers our knowledge and expertise ​to you with a wide range of quality, affordable ​plumbing services to make your experience ​with us worth every cent.

Our Services

Commercial Property

What we offer:

  • Shopping Mall Plumbing Maintenance
  • Office Park Plumbing Maintenance
  • Sanitaryware Installations & Repairs
  • Plumbing Related Renovations

Residential Property

What we offer:

  • Geyser Installations & Repairs
  • Water Pipes Installations & Repairs
  • Sewer Line Installations, Repairs & ​Unblocking
  • General Water Feed Installations
  • Sanitaryware Installations & Repairs
  • Plumbing Related Renovations

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Who We Are

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Maintenance Professionals

We take care of your plumbing maintenance. Be it for your business or your home, we ensure quality plumbing solutions at affordable rates.

Plumbing Repair



We are a team of critical thinkers. We can take care of any plumbing repair


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When renovating your space, we ensure that your plumbing is done with quality materials and installed by experienced


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Pretoria East



Areas we Service

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Tshwane & Surrounds


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